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A Cheap Attempt At Blog Traffic?

Or A Way To Promote My Buddies?

One thing is for sure, this is not a blog post for folks who don’t care about hiking.  I know sometimes some of you come here to entertain me, to support me and whatnot.  But truthfully, this one is isn’t for you if you aren’t in to watching videos of hiking, backpacking, camping and gear.  Because that is literally all this is.

Since becoming a hiker, YouTube, and the friends that have come along with it, has been a  constant source of inspiration, learning and answered questions for me.  Not only have I met and hiked with some cool folks, these are the people I’ve learned from.  Learned to be a better hiker, learned about gear I didn’t know I needed and learned how to forcefully make my way in to their lives.

Here is a collection of my favorite videos from January, 2021.  If you like what you see, don’t forget to give these guys and girls a Like and a Subscribe!

The Hiking!

First up is a video that was actually published near the end of December, but I’m including it here because I’ve only just recently finished watching it.  And because the Grand Canyon is badass.  As is Miyagi, the hiker featured in the video.  Honestly, I can’t wait to do the Grand Canyon, Rim to Rim to Rim, just like this video.  What an epic adventure. And Miyagi’s video production has grown by leaps and bounds since I started following him and his wife, Trips. Feast your eyeballs on the Grandness of The Grand Canyon, Rim to Rim to Rim:

By now, you’ve heard of Hilltop Packs, surely, Shirley?  Ben, his wife and his team have become sensations in the gear community over the last couple of years.  Supported by a huge group of hikers and backpackers, Hilltop Packs has become a must-own piece of gear – at least among the group of folks I’m surrounded by.  They print so much cool stuff – stuff sacks, dry bags, battery and camera bags, custom made backpacks and more.  And I actually recently joined Ben’s Affiliate Program as well, so if you haven’t had a chance to order your custom-printed, check out this link where you can help support us both:

Hilltop Packs Affiliate Program

Check out Ben hiking with his hiking-hating-wife at Swallow Falls in Maryland.  She is excited to the point of about a 4 out of 1000 to be hiking.  Tho, I suspect she had a great time in the end. Sounds just like hiking with my wife!

dry bags, stuff sacks
My custom made Hilltop Packs dry bag. I use this to keep my extra socks, gloves and other important stuff dry NO MATTER WHAT.

Wanna Get High?!

I’m a huge fan of getting around to seeing the Highest Point in as many states as possible.  This won’t really get kicked in to high gear until Lauren and I start travelling around in our van in a few years.  But there are a few, mostly in the NE USA that I can make it to in a day (or two) trip.  Having Mt. Marcy (the highest point in NY state) under my belt already, the plan once the border opens is to tackle some of the North East high points, while continuing on the journey for 46 ADKs.  Here is my IG buddy Hiker Dude Dad hitting up the highest point in Pennsylvania. Check it out:

Kilimanjaro, I'll see you soon. Ish.

This next one holds a special spot in my heart.  This isn’t a video from January, but is a video I discovered and watched in January.  As I get ready to pay my deposit and book dates in October 2022 to go to Tanzania, Africa and climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, I’ve been doing a ton of research.  Kraig Adams has got to be one of my favorite YouTubers.  His videos are movie-quality and always very cinematic, which I love.  You don’t often hear about people failing Kilimanjaro, most videos focus on the success, so it was awesome to check this out and see what would’ve caused a great hiker like Kraig to fail on his attempt.  Needless to say, I learned a lot.

Self-Serving Links Section

coffee mug
tank top

You didn’t get your Joe Wilderness gear yet?  Have no fear.  The link is RIGHT HERE!

For The Gear Junkies

Does anybody not love Jeremiah Stringer videos?  The dude is just infused with personality.  And he really knows his shit.  From the beginning of my foray in to the world of outdoor adventures,  this is one guy I’ve followed and learned from in terms of gear and proper preparation in how to immerse myself in nature.  He recently shaved his long beard, which I totally disagree with and almost removed this video from this blog post because of…..I, kid.  Check out how Jeremiah stays warm with comfy winter gear tips:

See, isn’t he great??  I too have a “What’s In My Winter Pack” blog post from a few weeks ago to show you the stuff I carry on a winter hike, if you’re curious.  Check that out right here.

Back to the business at hand.  Heard of Brian Hikes All Day?  Love the Adirondacks??  This is one dude to follow, if you don’t already.  I love seeing what other people have in their gear bags and how they dress to stay warm in winter.  With so many mountains under his belt, Brian is definitely a guy you can learn from watching, especially if you’re planning some of your first ADK Winter High Peaks!

Get You Some Beginner Education!

If you asked me about following just one hiker on YouTube, one person who I learned the most from, it would be JK.  Formerly known as JKIsHiking and now going by his full name, John Kelley, this channel launched right around the same time I started getting serious about hiking and I’ve been a supporter ever since.  I’m not sure how I originally came across John’s channel, but as he has grown over the last couple years, I keep coming back.  His personality jumps off the screen, he’s super fun to listen to and learn from and he really knows his shit too.  This month, John did a two-part video series about the things he wished he’d known as a beginner backpacker.  Coincidentally, this is exactly what my January blog posts have been about.  So, it should be no surprise to find both of John’s Beginner Backpacker videos right here.  Check these out!

Let's Talk Fitness!

Honestly, I am not very interested in working out.  Maybe one day I’ll magically become one of those people who loves fitness.  But, I’m not there yet.  I do it because if I don’t do it, hiking becomes much, much harder.  I don’t subscribe to a whole lot of fitness folk on the YouTube box, but Chase Mountains has taught me so much, particularly about stretching and pain relief.  I’ve included a couple of his videos here – one that addresses IT Band pain (which I’ve personally dealt with a lot) and one that is a daily stretch routine that I almost never do daily, but when I do actually do it, I can feel the effects of the stretches for days.

Follow My Friends!

So there we have it.  The first monthly edition of Channel Surfing.  That wasn’t so bad, was it?

Do you have a favorite YouTube account?  One that you learn from, one that is super entertaining, one that deserves more eyes on their videos?  Drop me a line on IG and share a video or two that I can check out and include in future posts.  And in the meantime, follow my friends:

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And if you’ve made it this far, WOW.  You’re either pretty bored or taking a very long poop.  If you need one more video while you finish your business, here is one more cheap plug for my own latest YouTube video: Joe Wilderness Snazzy Adventures Episode 1.

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