Photo Gallery: I’m Down With O.P.P. (Other People’s Parties)

What Did You All Get Up To In 2019?

One of the best parts of social media this year has been keeping tabs on other people’s adventures.  Not only does it let me keep up with folks out there, but I get to keep adding to my list of places to visit by seeing where you all went and the snazzy adventures you got in to.

That guy right up there in the header photo is Jacob Allaire.  You probably know his dad, the legendary Cornwall-area wrestling promoter and generally awesome dude. I first heard about Jacob earlier this summer when he was fundraising for Hope For Wildlife, a wildlife rehab center in Nova Scotia.  His plan was to mail them the money he raised – but little did he know that his parents were planning a surprise vacation for him to visit Hope For Wildlife in person.  Jacob cares deeply about all animals and had the trip of a lifetime this past August.  He was kind enough to share some of his best photos from the trip.  Check these out:

Here's More From The Next Generation

I think the future of animal-kind is in good hands with Jacob and people just like him.  Speaking of people just like him, lemme introduce you to another new friend, Kieran. The 6-year old son of yet another one of my fellow St.Lawrence 2001 graduates, Meghan, Kieran was kind enough to send me some photos from his adventures and to tell me all about his future career prospects.  It turns out he loves all animals.  Check this out:

Hello. My name is Kieran. I am 6 years old. I like to play with my friends. One of my favourite things is sleeping. I play hockey, soccer, baseball and I swim.

The thing I love most is animals.

I love Komodo dragons the most. I love Komodo dragons because they are cool looking. They are cool because they eat their own babies. I also like kangaroos because they are fun to watch jump.

I love koalas because they have sharp claws and they like to sleep, like me. I like hippos because they are fast runners and they have a big mouth. I really love all animals.

I can’t remember when I started loving animals. Every time I see an animal I could go to it and hug it. I love to go to the zoo because there are lots of animals there. I like to search up animals. I learn about animals from Wild Kratts. I know a lot about animals.

When I grow up I want to be a conservationist and a zookeeper. I want to do these jobs because they are about taking care of animals. I want to take care of animals because I love animals so much that I do not want any more to die. Conservationists can travel the wild from everywhere around the world and take care of animals. Conservationists can help zookeepers take care of animals. Both jobs make a great team. If animals are sick or hurt, they can help. I hope to travel to Australia one day to see a koala. This is an animal I have never seen.

Enthralled with that polar bear life.

Can I Squeeze In Some Self-Advertising?

It would seem that with our Bali trip coming up and hiking season being right around the corner after that, now is the perfect time to get myself acquainted with running a YouTube channel.  Admittedly, I’m a little hesitant to get in front of the camera.  But I really do want to create some videos of my hikes with Johnny Mountaintop this coming season so you guys can see some of the amazing views were taking in.  My channel doesn’t have a whole lot on it yet, mostly videos of our new winter hobby – indoor rock climbing.  But come January, you’ll start seeing some Indonesia adventure videos with Lauren and I.  And after that, it’ll be time to take you up some mountains with myself, JM, the Bushman Zack and more.  I’d love it if you’d click that little YouTube icon and subscribe to the channel to get me started.  I’ll even post it a second time so you don’t have to scroll up.

Well, if you’re gonna let me get away with that, I may as well link you to my Instagram, which I tend to keep strictly for hiking and adventuring.  And my Facebook which is more of an everyday way of following my adventures, fundraisers and other news.  Like, follow, subscribe.  You know, all the obnoxious things people ask you to do for them.  Thanks!

Adventure Runs In The Family

Now that I’ve done the online advertising stuff, lemme get back on track.

I’ve barely met my cousin Shaun’s awesome wife Stephanie, let alone his kids, Maire, Brynn and Alisdair.  They live a million miles away.  But it’s clear from the photos of their adventuring this past summer that adventure runs in the family.  Good looks, too, obviously.  They spent some time at Bruce Peninsula National Park, which is near Tobermory – where?  Here:

Stephanie and Shaun sent me a ton of photos from their trip.  Needless to say, once I saw this place, I was jealous.  Combine that with the fact that my sis-in-law Kate told me about Tobermory being one of the best places to see the Northern Lights in Ontario and it has definitely landed on my radar of places I need to visit.  Check out some of the snazzy adventures Shaun & Steph and their kids got up to this summer:


On the in-law side of things, Lauren’s Aunt Laurie and Uncle Gibby are in Arizona right now visiting Laurie’s brother Reg.  And they look to be having an amazing time.  When I saw the photos, I wanted to quit my job and start living in the Arizona wild right then and there.  It looks like an amazing time.  My patience for writing is running out, so lemme just give you some photos:

Last But Never Least

One of my favorite co-workers over the last handful of years was always Lori Rupert-Abrams.  She has been a blog supporter and overall Joe Wilderness lover since I met her.  She is retired now, which means I barely see her.  We get together for lunch when time permits, but she still always carves out time to read my stories and keep up to date with the blog.  This past summer Lori and hubby Carl spent four weeks in their RV, adventuring through Eastern Canada.  This is another spot that’s pretty high on my list, I need to get down to the East Coast to see what’s up.  Because I often delete my messages to comply with a little OCD I have about keeping my phone tidy, I forget exactly where she went.  Despite the fact that she texted it 3 different times.  You all should know by now, I have idiot syndrome once in a while.  Her photos are enough tho, I definitely need to make a point to go explore some of these spots: 

Well, it seems I’ve taken up enough of your time.  And my leftover Dominos pizza is really eager to get acquainted with my belly.  My belly feels the same.

Thanks to everyone who shared their photos and stories with me.  It looks like we all had a pretty adventurous 2019.  I hope your 2020 is as fun-filled and snazzy as mine is gearing up to be.  Keep an eye out soon for Bali adventure stories and much more including new Adirondack High Peaks and the trip of a lifetime to Costa Rica this July!

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