Photo Gallery: Azure Mountain 09/07/2019

Azure Mountain: Crushed It

A little context on that title picture.  Just down the road from the trail head sits this tub.  Alison, who I hiked with for the first time today, pointed out on the way in that there is a hose hooked up to some water source on the mountain.  The hose comes all the way down and in to this tub.  The water was flowing, was cold and refreshing.  Such a strange thing, the whole situation.

So, today was finally the day for our first Rookie Hike.  Dale and Carol-Ann Allen joined Johnny Mountaintop, myself and Alison on our hike up Azure Mountain.  I’ve been looking forward to seeing my first fire tower in person.  And I was looking forward to a smaller, non-High Peak hike.  But mostly I was super pumped for Dale and Carol-Ann to experience the great views on their first Adirondack mountain.  The hike itself only took about and hour and a few minutes to get to the summit.  We had grey skies, but the rain mostly held off and the lack of sunshine didn’t really kill the views, so it was all good.

Hitting the trail
What a funky tree
Reminded me of a Jedi temple. Because I would know.

Ahead of the hike, Dale and Carol-Ann were worried about holding the group up.  But they crushed this mountain.  All five of us had a blast.  It was definitely a workout, but the end result at the top was worth every step of the way.

Clouds not getting me down. The stairs got me down. From the top of this fire tower.
Great group, lots of smiles on faces! Fire tower in the background
And our sweet view!

Am I ever lazy. And not funny tonight.
Here's some more photos!

So you can see what a true Adirondack trail porta potty looks like. Not even IT Chapter 2 was this scary!
JOEL: You wanna see this really cool giant boulder? ME: Yes, yes I do.
Hi, I'm a perfect leaf. I was just hanging out in the woods today and I was so honored to be photographed by none other than The Joe Wilderness Adventure Blog. It really is my favorite hiking blog. Aside from my recent color change, not much has been going on lately. It was nice to have some attention paid to me. Thanks, Joe.
Perfect Leaf
Mostly hangs out in the woods
A few more views from the top.

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