Photo Gallery: Porter & Cascade 8/06/2019

Porter Mountain & Cascade Mountain: Round 2

Keeping the story brief on this one, just looking to showcase some photos from my second hike of Porter & Cascade mountains.  About fourteen months ago, I climbed Cascade for the first time and fell in love with hiking and the Adirondack Mountains.  I think the photos of Zack & I will show you exactly why.  We had a great weather day with blue skies almost the whole six hour, 10km hike.  Zack collected his 6th and 7th High Peaks.  Thanks for checking the photos out.  If you click a photo, it’ll get bigger.  Funny how that works. Just like a man.

Zack rocked his Joe Wilderness shirt all day. We passed a few of these huuuge downed trees.

We hiked a lot of the day with a family of three from Pennsylvania.  The father, mother and 9-ish year old daughter were on an Adirondack vacation, doing their first High Peaks.  They were awesome to talk to.  We didn’t even get their names, just kept calling them Pennsylvania.  They said they’d check out the blog.  So Pennsylvania, if you’re reading this, thanks for great company.

Zack & Mr. Pennsylvania enjoying Cascade.
Mrs. Pennsylvania arriving on Cascade.

Just before the fork in the trail that splits up the Porter and Cascade trails, we hit this little rock slab lookout.  This was the beginning of the views for the day.  If you look hard enough from this lookout spot, you can see the ski jump that was used for the 1980 Winter Olympics that were held in Lake Placid, NY.

See that ski jump?

Shortly after turning off the main trail to head over to the Porter summit, we found these two huge, huuuuge boulders.  Of course we decided to climb them and see what sorta views they’d provide.  Things like this are the reason why it sometimes takes us longer to hike trails.  We love to explore and we love to maximize the experience.

If you're cute and this guy is putting a smile on your face, hit me up for his number! 😉
The view from said boulder lookouts.
View of Cascade from the summit of Porter.
View of Porter from the summit of Cascade.

For some reason, there’s no actual sign on the summit of Porter.  All good, we weren’t spending a lot of time there anyway.  We chatted up a few other hikers.  We gave some advice to aspiring 46ers – because all of a sudden we’re actual hikers now, with real experience!  We met the Pennsylvanias on Porter, took a few photos for the few groups of hikers gathered there and then went on our way to Cascade.

Once you clear the treeline, this is what you're greeted with. The final push to the summit of Cascade.

This photo of the final push to the Cascade summit is a little deceptive.  Once you get all the way up (All The Way Up!), there’s a second steep stretch just like this that is hidden from view.  It’s like a double-whammy of steep rock scrambling.  It pays off in the end.  Totally worth every step.

Zack on the final grind. And a pretty slick view of some more mountains.
Views are earned.

With two mountains behind us, there was only one thing left to do.  McDonald’s.  After ordering up my McDoubles, I was heading out to the car to grab my phone to use McD’s free Wi-Fi.  This was when I heard “Hey, it’s Joe Wilderness.”  Dan Allaire and his better half, Celine, were out for a motorcycle ride with some friends.  The packed restaurant was so confused by the loud greeting and our selfie taking.  I think they thought I was a celebrity, but they had never heard of me.  Hilarious.  This would normally mark the end of my hiking adventure for the day.  But not this time.  We had one more thing left to do on this day.  It’s called Donnelly’s Ice Cream and this was my first time FINALLY getting a chance to try it.  They’re a small shack just past Saranac Lake that makes just one flavor of ice cream per day.  If you don’t like that day’s flavor, you’re welcome to just mosey along, partner.  I love this.  The flavor of the day was Red Raspberry twisted with Vanilla soft-serve.  Spoiler: it was delicious.  Thanks for checking out the photo gallery.  There is a possibility that the Big Brothers Big Sisters hike may be delayed as we try to organize some things.  But Lauren’s brother, sister-in-law and nephew are heading this way soon and we’ve got a nice hike scheduled in about ten days.  After that Johnny Mountaintop and I are heading back out to the ‘Dacks to collect four more High Peaks at the end of August.  We might be bringing a new friend with us, too.  There’s also a couple new features coming to the blog real soon – like, as soon as I’m not lazy and have time to get ’em done.  Stay tuned!

This was worth four hours of driving and six hours of hiking. When they're open, the line up is constant.

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