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So, now I’ve climbed a few mountains and written a few blog stories. All of a sudden, I fancy myself a hiker and a writer.  What started as a blog of my journey towards climbing all 46 Adirondack High Peaks has transformed my life.  Lead to becoming a whole other person.  I’ve gone from couch potato to hiker extraordinaire.   Half of that is true.  But, what better way to learn than from a guy who is still learning himself?  I’ve become obsessed with hiking, backpacking, camping and gear.  And here, we’re gonna talk about all of it.  But I’m gonna do it with style and grace.  Or at least some fart jokes and F Words.  Strap in, dust off your reading goggles and let’s go!

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So, WTF are these Adirondack 46 you’re working on anyway?  The 46 High Peaks are (obviously) 46 summits that are 4000 feet or higher.  My goal was to complete my 46th High Peak in the summer of 2021.  Along with my hiking partner Joel, aka Johnny Mountaintop.  That is obviously not going to happen.  That really fun global pandemic caused our Canadian asses to get locked out of the good ole USofA for all of 2020.  We’re currently hiking our way around Ontario and planning for 2021 to feature some pretty snazzy stuff.  Stick around.

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